How to Get Cheap Flights (and I have a Youtube Channel!)

A lot of people have asked me how I managed to fly around the world with almost no pressure on my wallet, well, it is high time that I address this. As the very first video of my launching Youtube channel, I present you the result of many weeks of my hard work!

It is a general introduction to getting cheap flights, and you can watch it below, or help me out by clicking here and watch on my youtube channel. I have actually made more than a dozen videos so far, and I want to show you only after I have established a rather stable presence.

And this is just a brief introduction to saving money, as there has been a few other videos that I have produced that follow up on this topic. Just let the above video finish and it will continue the playlist!

Also I have made a few other kinds of videos that can be very interesting for my blog viewers. If you have enjoyed my newer versions of travel writes, you are gonna like the video I made about my crazy trip to Thailand, it is absolutely fantastic!

For the aviation enthusiasts, I have prepared a special video ranking more than 40 airlines in a tier list!

I hope you can go to my youtube channel by clicking here, and subscribe if you want to see even more interesting travel and aviation-related videos. I will still write blogs from time to time, but I find that most of my contents will be more engaging in video format, so I will see you there on my channel!

Hey, excited? jealous? eager to join my trips? comment below!

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