Hey there! My name is Young Yang. Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Cheers from Norwegian Arctic!

I am a Taiwanese/Chinese/Canadian; a mess of identity, I know. The truth is: I am dying. I have contracted this rare disease called incurable wanderlust. My mileage accounts indicate that I am at the terminal stage and beyond help. I am good, maybe too good, at finding cheap airplane tickets, and off I go! I try my best to make friends, be local, and help as many as possible during my travels. I hold myself to the highest standard when it comes to this travel gospel, especially for trying local food. Do not worry, this blog is not your run-of-the-mill travel blog trying hard for corporate sponsorship. This is a place for me to show you the world through my eyes, not another placeholder for credit card advertisements.

selfie with a Bolivian cholita in a local bus

In this blog, you will find many tales of wonder as I tell you my journeys across the globe, from that time I got trapped by 1 million penguins, or barbecuing in the Arctic snow, all the way to flying 11 hours to Tokyo only to fly back the next day. When I get lucky, you will find a review of the super cheap Business Class flights I end up riding.

I delve deep into the place, letting you experience what my particular journey was like, showing you a place, with its people, culture and history. I will never be on a hop-on-hop-off bus taking selfies with a stick during the day and retreat to the refuge of a 5-star branded hotel at night. I call those travels comfort zone travelling. That is why it usually takes me 1 month to publish a journal, because each is carefully researched, studied, and crafted. Be warned, they average around 5000 words each! If you are into deep thoughts, bad jokes, or simply curious about what a country truly feels like, you are in the right place.

Want to know more about me? Read some journals, and hey, maybe one day we can journey together, to the unknown future!

Feel free to join me on Instagram @beyounged, and see you there too! The blog is designed with PC viewing in mind, so if things look weird on mobile, you know why!

A place where you lock yourself in and lock all else out-that is not your home. Home is sometimes a place you travel long and far to find.

Geralt of Rivia

For more information about my travel map, you can start with my MasterPlan.

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    1. Ok seriously I have asked everyone I know and none of them admitted being you. I really do not know who you are, and it has bothered me for a year!!! I am so frustrated for being so stupid! XD tell me through social media you silly!


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