Article Categorization Guide

For your convenience, I classify each journal I write in 6 different categories. Each category has different lengths and details, and you can budget your time and phone bill accordingly.

Class S

This is the premium category. It means that the post is very detailed and the journey it entails is longer than 2 weeks, and the journal exceeds 10000 words. This category is produced with 150% of my effort and is highly infused with my thoughts, ideas, realizations, emotions and passion for food (and others of course). I highly recommend you to sit down, get a cup of coffee/organic kale asparagus water, and embark on the same journey I experienced.

Class P

Also a premium category. A hybrid of flight review and destinations, with emphases on the destinations. This is a widely liked type that suites airplane enthusiasts as well as common readers alike. But if you are die hard aviation fan, these ones may still not be the right ones for you.

Class Y

This is a premium category as well, but for shorter trips or journals. It has great details and descriptions, and carefully records all of the little things I see and feel, just not as long as Class S does. Nice for a late night read, or a long break during work or study.

Class A

This class tells you a journey in its essense. It may skip some days and details, but still keeps all the important information that I want to get across. There may not be descriptions of every little tea cup I have seen, but you will still get a good impression of my trip.

Class K

This is the series of the briefest journals. It is very easy to read, filled with comedy and sarcasm, loaded with pictures and other media. It is great light read for anyone at anytime, on the go, on the moon, or on the toilet seat.

Class X

This is the reminiscent series. It records the travels of ancient times before the existense of the blog. It ensures the basic information is told, and is full of retrospect, thoughts of what has changed, and many others. If you want to know my past, this category is the best for you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment in the blog. Happy reading, and let me take you somewhere far far away!