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There are people who enjoy life, and then there are people who savor it. Guess which kind am I?

being offered a pour of a $200+ bottle of champagne

I am neither. I am the type of trashy trailor-park dwelling, 7-11 chilling meth-head equivalent of the aviation world. As long as the deal is good enough, I will hop onto anyone’s bed (preferrably some kind of lie-flat seat, but I am not picky.) Hence, I was able to get lucky for a few times in my life and get onto a first class flight with a fraction of its cost. That is also when you can get lucky, and follow my journals to take a peek into this elusive world of elites and 1%. Let’s see what I have for you.

Young’s First Class Experiences

British Airways

B773 First Class Open Suites Review

Ah yes, being called “my love” on a flight while being pampered with great champagne and even better food, what am I supposed to react? Explode?

Grading: 1110

Singapore Airlines

Originally scheduled for Spring 2020, but cancelled due to coronavirus situation. I am working towards getting on board for another time, stay tuned!

I do not want to rank these experiences as each one of them are special and worth remembering, as a result, I am not presenting them in any rankings, but in the form of chronological order. I still give you my (very subjective) final grading scores though.

Cathay Pacific First Class lounge decor

Other First Class related experiences:

Now go forth, and gain weight indulge!

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