About My Travel Map & Travel History MasterPlan

Hey there!

I have always found myself a visual learner. I would grasp something much faster if it is made into diagrams, and I of course, need to fulfill my stereotype of a traveler to have a travel map!

you can find it here.
orange routes are upcoming routes
green lines are ship/cruise lines
bright pink is train/roadtrips/bus trips.
yellow is long-distance treks.
blue is flight routes, and darker ones are in business class, purple ones in first class

the thicker a flight path is, the more often I travel on this route.
grey way points are transit-only.

click on certain points or routes to see details or descriptions!

if the map is too small, use the link above in the first paragraph to open a separate tab.

Travel History MasterPlan

Any trip in red is highly recommended!



-=Wanderer=- (severely impacted)

Current status: uncertain, hopefully beginning in mid 2021.

  • Bologna
  • Colombia
  • Milan
  • Budapest
  • Atlanta
  • Saint Thomas
  • New York


-=British Columbia 2020=-

A munch of miscellaneous roadtrips taken while international travel was prohibited while domestic, especially intra-provincial travels were green-lit by the local governments.

-=Canadian Rockies 2020=-

A spontaneous roadtrip with my mother to the rockies, given no international travel was allowed while the pandamic condition has improved significantly domestically. One is done in the vibrant summer, while the other one is done in the colorful fall.


-=EuroHop 19/20=-

The tradition lives on as I waft around Europe again for the holiday season.

-=Thailand 2019=-

A short trip to Bangkok, and then riding the death railway up to the province of Kanchanaburi.

-=Barcelona 2019=- & -=Bulgaria 2019=-

Work trip that has a bit of a flair, and a side trip to Barcelona and Bulgaria.

-=New Zealand 2019=-

Two road trips, separated by 2 months, one to the North Island, and the other to the South Island, in one of the most fascinating countries. You do not want to miss this, trust me.

-=Chengdu 2019=-

a crazy mileage run trip to Los Angeles but staying in Chengdu longer, and I got to review Hainan Airline’s business class.


  • Thanks to a great Iberia promotion, I head to Europe in March for a nice vacation, but that also involved 3 extra continents as a typical megatrip demands.
  • Intoduction



My trips just keep getting more and more unusual. In this series of journeys, named after the famous Voyager spacecrafts, I will explore many corners of the world thanks to a ticket that would bounce me between Seoul and Santiago 4 times.

-=Chongqing 2018=-

For a few days in the mountainous Chongqing, then over back to LA for a cheap business class ticket.

-=EuroHop 18/19=-

again, holidays on the most festive continent, for the 4th year in a row.


-=WeekendInCuidadMexico 2017=-

One weekend in Mexico City, barely enough to eat the tacos!

-=WeekendInCancun 2017=-

Bike around the coastline of Tulum to reach a Mayan ruins by the sea.

-=The Run 2017=-

one bed in a van, two people, 8 days, and infinite miles. It is roadtrip time.

-=Haiti 2017=-

Business/First class trip to the Caribbean nation struck with poverty.

-=Qatari Hop 2017=-

a crazy mileage run from Shanghai to Hong Kong, then through Vietnam to Qatar, only just to get to Argentina, and then everything backwards again, in 10 days!

  • Part 1: Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge Review
  • Part 2: Qatar Airlines Business Class & Doha
  • Part 3: Qatar Airlines Business Class & Buenos Aires
  • Part 4: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Part 5: Cathay Pacific Business Class

-=Round’aWorld 2017=-

This time, I want to circle the world in the other direction. So hop on!

-=Tokyo Transit 2017=-

16 hour adventure to find the film location of Your Name.

-=C.A.T. 17’18=-

Korea, then Atacama of Chile, then finally, Germany for the holidays. Bizarre as trips go, but equally awesome as trips go.



  • Part 1: a long journey throughout Europe to enjoy a great holiday season with my friends in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands
  • Part 2: the journey continues to a roam in Belgium, a walk in the woods in northern Sweden, and a warm, cozy Christmas in a local household, eventually a bite of a Wiener Schnitzel in Vienna.
  • Part 3: New Years in the deep south of Austria, and a walk in the park in the city of love, Paris.

-=Panambia 2016=-

Business Class trip to Panama City, and then a ride into Colombia for some mountainous cities like Medellin and Bogota.

-=WeekendInTokyo 2016=-

a 40-hour trip to Tokyo to view the cherry blossoms and try everything.

-=7 Continents Plan 2016=-

My most ambitious trip to date: a crazy goal to visit all 7 continents on Earth in 1 year, for the second half of 2016. Also includes a trip literally around the world, as well as a dip into both the Arctic and Antarctic.

-=Australia 2016=-

-=Round’aWorld 2016=-

The idea to circumnavigate this world takes full force. It is divided up to 12 parts, the details can be found in introduction.

-=Voyage South 2016=-

the following trips constitute my journey south to reach Antarctica

-=Bolivia 2016=-

-=Argentina 2016=-

  • part 1: Quebrada de Humahuaca
  • part 2: Salta, Iguazu and Buenos Aires

-=Uruguay 2016=-


  • My life’s work poured into this journal. 20 days on the open sea to experience the most remote continent in this world. Simply put, there is nothing that will ever top this experience.
  • part 1: Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas
    • The island is so interesting that two superpowers fought a war for it.
  • part 2 & part 3: South Georgia Island
    • My favorite place in the world. 1 million penguins, what else do you need?
  • part 4: South Orkneys and South Shetlands
    • midnight sunsets dyed the sky a fiery red.
  • part 5: Antarctic Peninsula
    • nothing more pristine than here, or your money back, guaranteed.

-=Chile 2016=-

-=ThaiMar 2016=-

Thailand and Myanmar family trip, relaxing adventures


-=Mexico 2014’15=-

very interesting trip to the corners of Majahuas beach, where I lived for a week to conserve sea turtles in complete isolation and lack of any modern facilities.

-=Costa Rica 2015=-

travel down to the richest coast with cloud jungles, sloths and a towering volcano.


-=Canadian Rockies 2014=-

roadtrip to Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, the lakes are simply stunning.


-=Iceland 2013=-

Epic tale of a spring break in Iceland, with volcanoes, rocks, glaciers, cliffs, strongest winds I have ever seen, aurora, strange food, and hot springs.

-=Peru 2013=-

volunteered in Cusco for 2 months, lived in a local house, took a 5-day hike to Machu Picchu, cruised down Lake Titikaka, loving the highland life.


-=Nepal 2012=-

I volunteered in Kathmandu for 2 months, hiked 2 weeks to view Mt. Everest myself, took the most dangerous flight in the world, and ventured into the southern jungles.