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Want to make your trip much better? Eyeing for a special destination? Tired of all the standard vacation spots? Or simply just looking for a cheap getaway? Young is here to help! In this page, you will find all information about my services that can save you up to 70% off your next trip.

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Table of Contents

  • The three kinds of services I provide
  • How this works
  • Cost of the services
  • What makes me qualified to do these/charge for services
  • Some examples
  • How to book a service

Qatar Premium Check-in, Doha

The three kinds of services I provide

1. comprehensive trip planning/consulting

This kind of service is for people who have free time and want to see the world. You just need to provide me of date range, and preferred activities/types of destinations, and I will work it out.

This includes: selecting the destination(s),  finding the cheapest possible airfare, finding the cheapest possible accommodation, sightseeing and scheduling, planning daily activities, and details about the destination (food, safety, money, must-see/eat/do, etc.). I can also provide frequent traveler guidance for airline programs.

in Hong Kong, why not try the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world?

I will be in touch from the very beginning until you depart for your vacation. I will not only be a consultant for your ticketing, but also a discussion partner to select where you want to go. I will usually suggest places that currently have a sale of airfare, while taking into account of the cost of destination itself. Nobody else can provide you this kind of service.

Of course, I can provide one or multiple of the aforementioned services without the full package.

2. airfare price squeeze

If you already have a place or time in mind, or you do not need any suggestion for a place you have been to, this is the one for you. Tell me how much the ticket you see costs, and I will beat it. It may be a different airline or within a few days of your original departure or return date, but I am rather confident. In fact, if I cannot beat the price you find, I will not charge you a dime.

let me find those hidden gems for you

3. maximize your travel

Sometimes, I simply cannot beat a price, but I can get you better experiences. This may be a better airline (from low cost airline to a good legacy airline), or a better seat (if premium economy or business class costs just 10 dollars more, then why not?), or one more place to visit (what if I told you put an extra stop in Thailand costs you the same?). I can make sure you are truly getting the bang of your buck.

Of course, if you believe I can be of help in any travel-related issue, do not hesitate to contact me. Asking doesn’t cost anything!

why fly economy when you can fly business or even first class for $50 more?

How this works

I am not a travel agent. I am here to help you book the best deal with the major airlines/agencies/hotels. What I charge is my time and energy spent to find you the best deal.

After you place your inquiry, I will mobilize all my knowledge and resources to find you the best way to get from point A to B, factoring in elements such as time, duration, airline, fare bucket, mileage earning, transit cost, class of travel, cost of local transport, etc. I will also draw upon my knowledge and experiences for the local activities/dining options/sights. Afterwards, I will quote a service charge, along with a rough idea of how your ticket/trip would look like. If you agree with the charge, then it becomes final. Then I provide you with a direct link to a major company (United Airlines,, Momondo, Priceline, etc.) so you can book with them, so your booking is directly with them, but I can also help you manage your bookings. After booking is complete, you can then proceed to pay me the service charges, separate from your booking payment. Please note: After I sent you the link, you will have to pay for the service charge, regardless if you eventually booked it or not. (Because once a link is sent out, there is no way for you to “unsee” it, so this is to prevent anyone from cancelling the service and book things themselves.) I can take Paypal, Venmo, Wechatpay, AliPay, bank transfer in USD, CNY and CAD.

Thus, do not be scared. I will never even see your credit card number, since you are not booking with me. However, this also means if anything arises, I will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by other parties’ interference with your bookings. (e.g., I will not be responsible for your losses if your flight is delayed for any reason.) However, in cases of emergency, I can always be of help.

save more, travel more!

Cost of the services

1. comprehensive trip planning/consulting
This really varies base upon the request. General rule of thumb is that the more complicated it is, the more expensive the service will be; the more flexibility you have, the cheaper the service will be. However, normally planning a 3-week trip should not cost you more than 250 dollars per person, everything included. Please refer to the examples down in the other section for a rough idea.

2. airfare price squeeze
I charge 20-40% of the difference between the standard price (or the price you see) and the fare I found, depending on the complexity of the ticket. For example, a simple roundtrip between New York and Auckland typically costs 1000USD, and I found you a ticket for 400USD. I will charge 20% of the difference of 600USD, which is 120USD. Thus, you saved 480USD, and I earned 120USD, win-win. If it is a multi-destination or open jaw, the percentage will increase accordingly, but this will always be beneficial to you in the end.

3. maximize your travel
This is also hard to give an exact cost. Generally, if I can add an extra stop in your ticket without significantly bumping the cost, I charge 20-50USD. Similar prices are charged if I can get you a faster routing, a better airline, or a better departure/arrival time/airport. If If I can find you a higher class of travel, I normally charge 50-300USD, depending on what kind of difference it makes.

Japan Airlines Business Class, 2000 dollars cheaper

What makes me qualified to do these/charge for services

Well, to be honest, you can’t see a diploma or certification in this field. However, take a look around the blog posts I have here or the examples down below in the next section, and you can judge for yourself. I am not the best travel guru or expert, but I have a passion for this. There is no better standard than your own judgement. If you think I am worth it, then I shall prove my abilities.

Oh and also, this is my current travel map. You can move around and interact with the points. I always say if you want to experience something truly real, ask a local, and if you don’t know one, the second best option is someone who has truly lived a local life there.

I might as well be a Bolivian local!

For premium travels, you can check out my list of Business and First Class flights that I have taken and reviewed. After business class experience that can take me around the earth multiple times, I am fairly confident of my judgement on airline premium cabins.

Some examples

Case 1

Ms. K wants to get from Asia back home to Los Angeles in summer. She gave me a normal time window of about 2 weeks, and preferred to travel to some places along the way. She found a one way ticket on United Airlines that costs 550USD.


I found her a ridiculously cheap ticket on Japan Airlines, similar to the one I took, shown above. (Japan Airlines is a much better airline than United) Then I found her a ticket from her location to Taipei for 130USD, this ticket’s departure point, getting her 4 nights in Taipei. Then I told her the secret that she could partially use this ticket (in travel hacking, we call it hidden city ticketing), so she can fly to Los Angeles, drop everything back home, then catch the flight the same day to Eugene, have a few extra days of vacation, then back to Los Angeles, but do not get on the flight to Osaka. I also arranged her accommodation in Taipei and Eugene. I also provided tips and tricks of what to do/eat/see in Taipei, my hometown. Finally, I helped her set up an American Airlines account and helped her credit the flights to her account, which is worth about 80USD.

I charged her (550-180)*0.3=120USD for the cheap ticket I found, 30USD for accommodation deals I found her in Taipei and Eugene, 50USD for the valuable extra stop in Eugene and Taipei, and all other info, tips and tricks were 20USD.

Total charge: 220USD.
Total saving: 450USD.

Result: Ms. K saved 230USD, while got to fly a better airline, earned some miles for future travels, and got to visit Taipei and Eugene for free. Most importantly, she had a great time!

Case 2

Mr. W wants to get home for 15 days to Nanjing, China, from his school in Chicago. He is rich, but not that rich. So he came to me, and asked me for a price squeeze on a business class flight. He had relatively strict dates, and could only vary 1 day before or after. He saw tickets costing 3100USD roundtrip, and I managed to find a ticket leaving one day before and returning one day later for 2200USD on Hainan. I charged 25% of the difference of 900USD, which turned out to be 225USD. He saved 675USD, I earned 225USD. Then I helped him with the mileage crediting of flights to Alaska Airlines free of charge. He thanked me profusely on instagram when he posted on his flight. He later used those 15000 miles earned in this deal on a free economy flight to Seattle.

Total charge: 225USD
Total savings: 900USD+free Seattle trip

Result: Mr. W saved 20% on his flights, and got a sweet taste of travel hacking. He is still one of the returning customers.

Case 3

Ms. L had an emergency. She had to return from Atlanta to Vancouver that night. She saw a 1000USD roundtrip ticket in economy. I immediately sprang into action and found a 880USD business class ticket, leaving at a better time and with shorter connections. I charged 100USD for the service.

Total charge: 100USD
Total savings: 120USD+free upgrade

Result: Ms. L saved a bit of money, got to call her family for free in the business class lounge, and was able to rest better in a much better seat.

Case 4

Ms. J just quit her job. She wants to travel, and has no restriction whatsoever. I found her a brilliant deal, one so great that I booked one myself! I asked if she wants to join me, she agreed. We then planned everything together. I simply asked her to pay for my Airbnb room.

Total charge: N/A
Total savings: companionship and FUN!

Result: we became very good friends!

20171010_194038.jpgsometimes, the deals I found are so good, I cannot resist myself!

How to book a service

You can

  • comment below in the comment section
  • email me at

Please make sure the title begins with “Inquiry”, and must include the following

  • date range (specific dates, periods, or simply write “anytime”)
  • number of people on the trip
  • if you want me to help plan a trip, any specific kind of places are you looking for (e.g.: beaches, looking for aurora, wildlife, romantic, nature-oriented, etc.)

I will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

If you have any question, please leave it below in the comment section, or email me at