Young’s Bucket List v1.09

Welcome to Young’s bucket list!

I never intend to finish everything on this list, and very likely I never will. However, without some goals to achieve, wandering may let one lose himself. I will do as much as I can during my short stay on this little spinning blue marble in the vast emptiness of a donut universe. Once finished, it does not mean I cannot do it again! But always remember, life and travel are not a list to cross off. Who do you do it with, how do you make it, these are all more important than the items on this list. So if you ever see something interesting, do not forget to remind me to add it onto the list, and let’s do it together!

The Perceived Difficulty Chart:

  • Finished
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Demanding
  • Difficult
  • Strenuous
  • Unbelievable
  • Daydream


(general bucket list)

  • literally travel around the Earth, clockwise viewed from North Pole (Round’aWorld 2017)
  • literally travel around the Earth, counter-clockwise viewed from North Pole (Round’aWorld 2016)
  • owning a castle
  • no longer be a miserable lonely bastard
  • skydive
  • bungee weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • run a marathon
  • win a jackpot in Vegas
  • witness a greenlight phenomenon
  • experience a day hotter than 55°C/130°F (Chitwan, Nepal, 2012)
  • experience a day colder than -45°C/-50°F
  • be part of a reality TV show
  • over 5 minutes of continuous zero gravity
  • be thrown into a jail in some random country
  • witness a human’s death (preferably my enemies’)
  • witness a human’s birth
  • long haul volunteering 10 times (progress: 3/10) 
  • see Halley’s Comet (next perihelion: 2061)
  • buy a boat, then name it Relation, so I can finally be in a relationship


  • 大久野島/Okunoshima, Japan
  • baby kangaroo, Australia (Australia 2016)
  • giant pandas, Chengdu, China (Chengdu 2019)
  • 田代島/Tashirojima, Japan
  • Territorio de Zaguates, Costa Rica
  • selfie with Quokkas, Rottnest Island, Australia (Australia 2016)
  • Hugging a llama   (Peru 2013 and Ecuador 2017)
  • Gorillas, central Africa region
  • Meercats
  • 奈良/Nara, Japan (Voyager 1.5, 2018)
  • Sloths  (Costa Rica 2015, Peruvian Amazon 2018)
  • Hedgehog cafe, Tokyo, Japan  (WeekendInTokyo, 2016)
  • Owl Cafe, Tokyo, Japan
  • platypus, Australia
  • touch a jellyfish
  • pet a lion
  • stay in one room with 20+ cats (C.A.T.17/18)
  • swim with sharks
  • watch a wombat poop
  • swim with whales
  • feed a crocodile (Australia 2016)
  • die in a litter of puppies
  • have a bald eagle perched on my arm
  • participate in the crab rave, Christmas Island, Australia
  • Chinstrap Penguins, Antarctica (Antarctica 2016)
  • Giant Turtoise, Galapagos, Equador
  • see a narwhal in the wild


  • Victoria amazonica (Voyager 2)
  • Witness a blooming of a broad-leaved epiphyllum (China, 2007, and New Zealand 2019)
  • enjoy the scent of a rafflesia, Indonesia
  • climb giant killer figs  (Costa Rica, 2015)
  • hug Baobab trees, Madagasca
  • blow a dandelion puff
  • embrace a giant sequoia
  • harvest some maple syrup, Canada


I use the Messner Version of the seven summits.

  • Asia: Mt. Everest, 8848m/29029ft
  • South America: Aconcagua, 6961m/22838ft
  • North America: Denali/Mt. McKinley, 6194m/20332ft
  • Africa: Kilimanjaro, 5895m/19341ft (Round’aWorld 2016)
  • Antarctica: Vinson Massif, 4892m/16050ft
  • Oceania: Puncak Jaya, 4884m/16024ft
  • Europe: Mt. Elbrus, 5642m/18510ft


  • چھوغوری/K2, Pakistan, 8611m/28251ft
  • Mt. Whitney, USA, 4421m/14505ft
  • Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia, 4069m/13438ft
  • Mount Kosciuszko, Australia, 2228m/7310ft
  • Mont Blanc, Italy/France, 4809m/15777ft
  • Enduwa Kombuglu/Mount Wilhelm, Papua New Guinea, 4509m/14793ft
  • Meat Mountain, Arby’s, infinite/infinite


  • Preikestolen/Pulpit Rock, Norway (Norway, 2016)
  • Masaai Mara, Kenya (Kenya, 2016)
  • stay overnight in The Sahara Desert
  • Grand Canyon, USA (The Run 2017)
  • The Great Barrier Reef, Australia (Australia 2009)
  • The Serengeti, Tanzania
  • Torres del Paine, Chile (Chile 2016)
  • Ayers Rock/Uluru, Australia
  • Lake Titikaka, Bolivia/Peru (Peru 2013)
  • deep Amazon (Voyager 2, 2018)
  • Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil (Argentina 2016)
  • Siberian woods, Russia
  • Atacama Desert, Chile (C.A.T.17/18)
  • Lake Baikal, Russia
  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (Bolivia 2016)
  • Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe (Zambia 2016)
  • Banff National Park, Canada (Canadian Rockies 2014, 2020)
  • watch a significant meteor shower
  • experience a long polar day (Noway, Round’aWorld 2016)
  • experience a long polar night
  • Angel Falls, Venezuela
  • Devetaki Cave, Bulgaria
  • Kawah Idjen, Indonesia


  • The North Pole
  • The South Pole
  • The Everest
  • The Dead Sea, Jordan
  • Svalbard, Norway (Round’aWorld 2016)
  • Alert, Canada
  • Friendzone (arrived the day I was born)


  • Carnival, Rio, Brazil
  • 花見/Hanami, Japan (WeekendInTokyo 2016, finished in Voyager 1.5)
  • ສົງກຣານ/潑水節/สงกรานต์/Songkran, Southeast Asia
  • مضان/Ramadan
  • दिवाली/ದೀಪಾವಳಿ/तिहार/ਦੀਵਾਲੀ/Diwali, India/Nepal/Bangladesh
  • רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה/Rosh Hashanah
  • 春節/Spring Festival‎‎, China  (celebrating it every year)
  • Cinco de Mayo, Mexico
  • Dia de Los Muertos, Mexico
  • Semana Santa, South America (encountered in Panambia 2016)
  • Midsummer, Scandinavia


  • Nazka Lines, Peru
  • 長城/The Great Wall, China
  • Stonehenge, Great Britain
  • Machu Picchu, Peru (Peru 2013)
  • 天安門廣場/Tiananmen Square, China
  • Moais, Easter Island, Chile (Easter Island 2017)
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada
  • Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt
  • Chichen Itza, Mexico
  • ताजमहल/تاج‌محل/Taj Mahal, India
  • Panama Canal, Panama (Panambia 2016)
  • البترا/Πέτρα/Petra, Jordan
  • 好漢橋/Brave Men’s Bridge, Shiniuzhai, China
  • Czorsztyn Castle, Poland



  • cruise down Nile, Egypt
  • sail around the world, literally
  • aboard The Hurtigruten, Norway (Round’aWorld 2016)
  • a cruise to Alaskan fjords (Alaska 2013)
  • sail on an old-style massive sail boat
  • around Cape Good Hope
  • Carribean hop
  • a clear-bottom boat ride in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica (Antarctica 2016)
  • a heavenly ride in the Galapagos, Ecuador
  • San Blas dreams, Panama
  • The Alaskan Highway, USA


  • spend 1000 hr airbourne (progress: 940/1000)
  • follow The Island Hopper, USA/Micronesia/Marshall Islands
  • most dangerous flight: KTU-LUA, Nepal (Nepal 2012)
  • Business Class in a  B787, most advanced aircraft (Round’aWrold 2016)
  • sit in a long haul First Class(First Class Catalog, British Airways First Class Review)
  • sit in a long haul First Class in an A380
  • sit in a long haul First Class in a B747’s iconic nose seat 1A
  • travel in a private jet
  • most isolated airport: IPC, Chile (Easter Island 2017)
  • watch airplanes land at SXM, Durch Oversea Territories
  • longest flight in the world (currently SQ22, EWR-SIN, 18hr30min)
  • experience an emergency landing


  • traverse the Dalton Highway till Arctic Ocean, Alaska, USA
  • Route 66, USA (partially experienced in The Run 2017)
  • Around the island, Taiwan (finished multiple times in 2007, 2011, 2013)
  • Highway 61, USA
  • Ring Road, Iceland (partially experienced in Iceland 2013)
  • Highway 1, aka Ocean Drive, USA
  • Big Sur, USA
  • The Garden Route, South Africa
  • Highway 1, Florida, USA
  • Great Ocean Road, Australia (Australia 2016)
  • Powder Highway, Canada
  • Pan-America Highway
  • Grand traverse, Madagasgar
  • The Outback, Australia
  • Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China


  • Hiram Bingham, Peru (Peru 2013)
  • The Ghan, Australia
  • Rocky Mountaineer, Canada
  • Oslo-Bergen railway, Norway (Round’aWorld 2016)
  • full distance Trans-Siberian railway, China/Mongolia/Russia
  • Shinkansen, Japan (finished in 2005)
  • railway trip in northern Hokkaido, Japan
  • Devil’s Nose, Equador
  • Pilatus railway, Switzerland
  • Tibetan Rairoad, China
  • Bernina Express, Switzerland/Italy (Expo Milano 2015)
  • Glacier Express, Switzerland
  • TAZARA, Tanzania/Zambia
  • Denali Star, Alaska, USA


  • zipline for more than 5 km in a day (Alaska 2013)
  • paraglide
  • pilot a hot air balloon
  • the cowboy trail, Nebraska, USA
  • the majestic slide in Kandersteg, Switzerland
  • public trams in Medellin, Colombia (Panambia 2016)


  • Ice Hotel, northern Sweden
  • trippy campervans (The Run 2017)
  • snooze on a park bench
  • live in a treehouse
  • sleep in an airport overnight
  • spend a night in a small boat
  • stay in a capsule hotel, Japan  (weekendinTokyo, 2016)
  • live in a yurt
  • sleep under the milky way (Peru 2013)
  • sleep under the aurora borealis
  • a bungalow above water
  • Tateyama Kokusai Hotel in March, Japan


please see the page for Young’s strange food list for more information


  • Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines
  • ABBA themed restaurant!!!

(work in progress)


Tadashi Yoshimoto’s home made curry: The only vending machine making old man Tadashi Yoshimoto’s rice curry. Yes. A curry rice served by a machine! For more info, check out this Japan vending machine enthusiast’s website here.



  • Grounded Paradise: Meteora, Greece
  • Clustertruck: Mexico City, Mexico (WeekendInCiudadMexico 2016, Round’aWorld 2017)
  • Your Grace: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • City of muse: Turin, Italy
  • Northernmost capital: Reykjavik, Iceland (Iceland 2013)
  • All My Love: Paris, France   (EuroHop 15/16, Round’aWorld 2016, Round’aWorld 2017)
  • All My Love: Paris, France with a partner
  • All My Love: Paris, France with a romantic partner
  • Closest to Equator: Quito, Equador (Round’aWorld 2017)
  • most dangerous city: San Pedro, Honduras
  • City of Spiciness: Chengdu, China (Chengdu 2019)
  • Absolute North: Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway (Round’aWorld 2016)
  • Absolute South: Ushuaia, Tierra Del Feugo, Argentina (Argentina 2016)
  • Lamas’ home: Lhasa, China
  • Garden City: Singapore (Australia 2006)
  • Dear Malèna: Palermo, Italy
  • Save-it, ya?: Sevilla, Spain (L.A.S.T., 2019)
  • All Mighty: Pyongyang, North Korea
  • Only Higher: Dubai, UAE
  • SIN CITY: Las Vegas (The Run 2017)
  • Clash of Clans: Urumqi, China
  • 3000 Years +: Tehran, Iran
  • Where it began: Athens, Greece
  • Eternal Reincarnation: Yangon, Myanmar (ThaiMar 2016)
  • The Crossroad city: Istanbul, Turkey
  • King’s Landing: Dubrovnik Croatia (EuroHop 19/20)
  • Silk Road gas station: Dunhuang, China
  • European Home: Porto, Portugal (L.A.S.T. 2019)
  • Evolution-ary: Darwin, Australia (Australia 2016)
  • Calling back home: Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Good Hope: Capetown, South Africa
  • Japan V.S. World: Hakodate, Japan (L.A.S.T. 2019)
  • Permanently Elegant: Tallin, Estonia
  • Highland Love: La Paz, Bolivia (Bolivia 2016)
  • City of Passion: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Incan Kingdom: Cuzco, Peru (Peru 2013)
  • Windchime echo: Kyoto, Japan (finished in 2005)
  • Jesus Christ: Christchurch, New Zealand (New Zealand 2019)
  • All Aboard: Vladivostok, Russia
  • Nordic Window: Copenhagen, Denmark (EuroHop 15/16)
  • Unhinged: Berlin, Germany (EuroHop 19/20)
  • Okay-Pop: Seoul, South Korea (C.A.T. 2017/18)
  • Old Faithful: Mumbai, India
  • Never Stops: Tokyo, Japan (WeekendInTokyo2016, Transit Tokyo 2017)
  • TAN-let’s-GO: Buenos Aires, Argentina (Argentina 2016, Qatari Hop 2017)
  • Santa’s Home: Rovaniemi, Finland (Voyager 1)
  • Kow-tow: Kotor, Montenegro
  • Europe’s First Light: Heraklion, Greece (Voyager 4)
  • Destination, Norse: Tromso, Norway
  • Faroe away: Torshavn, Faroe Islands
  • Tucked in: Iquitos, Peru (Voyager 2)
  • Keep Yapping: Yap Island
  • Geralt’s town: Gdansk, Poland (Voyager 4)
  • WOW: Warsaw, Poland (Voyager 4)
  • Always, Sunsets: Prague, Czech Republic (Voyager 3)
  • Future?: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ah-na-na: Havana, Cuba
  • Big Stoneheads: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Purity: Luzerne, Switzerland (EuroHop 19/20)


  • Women Rules: Kinhu Island, Estonia
  • Dense as Fuck: Santa Cruz de Islote, Colombia
  • Practice is key: llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, Wales, UK
  • Zero Waste: Kamikatsu, Japan
  • Water Roads: Giethoorn, Netherlands
  • Crime Free: Shani Shingnapur, India
  • Down Under: Coober Pedy, Australia


(I am never a big fan of only counting countries, since a place as large as Brazil is easily more explorable than a dozen small European nations. I also tend to go to a country multiple times in one trip. Thus, I leave it to the last just as a reference.)

I have been to…   58    countries!

Home bases: Taiwan, China, Canada, USA

Asia Pacific: Japan, Singapore, Australia, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Qatar, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, South Korea, New Zealand

Americas: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Haiti, Ecuador, Nicaragua

Europe: France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, the Vatican, Monaco, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, Malta, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Andorra, Bulgaria, Croatia

Africa: Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles, Morocco

Antarctica? YES

non-country territories/special treatments: Hong Kong, Macau, Svalbard, Antarctica

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